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Drywall Services

At Drywall Worx, our suite of services is designed to meet every aspect of your drywalling needs with quality and professionalism. Our team brings over two decades of expertise to ensure every wall and ceiling is perfectly finished. Discover the range of services we offer and how we can tailor them to elevate the comfort, value, and aesthetics of your space.

Drywall Install & Finishing

Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Blow-in Attic Insulation

Spray Foam

Mudding & Taping

Ceiling Texture

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Drywall Worx Lethbridge Drywall Contractors Residential Project
Framing Perfection:

If we notice any deficiency in framing before insulation & vapour barrier installation, we will take note and ensure it is fixed properly before drywall installation.

Spotting Success:

Our experienced crews know precisely how to spot problem areas and compensate for or re-work the area entirely to ensure a solid installation.

Seamless Finish:

We set drywall screws to the proper indentation level and fill and finish all seams and screw holes for a smooth, beautiful finish every time.

Clean Craftsmanship:

All sites are kept clean and tidy throughout the insulation and drywalling process.


We provide a comprehensive 1-year workmanship warranty, guaranteeing the highest quality standard in every project, and our dedicated repair team ensures quality control, offering a 1-year warranty and support for builders, even after construction ends.

Licensing and Certification

We hold comprehensive WCB and liability insurance for all projects, ensuring we meet every job’s demands with certified excellence and the highest standards of drywall craftsmanship.